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Owner: Michelle504

Calico Cat Bitu McClintock

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Gender: Female
Age: 59
Last Activity: 30 month(s) ago
Location: Portland, Oregon
Country: United States

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Bitu McClintock
Cat, Calico

Pet: Bitu McClintock

Name Bitu McClintock
Species Cat
Breed Calico
Pet Clubs: Fancypants Cafe
Silly Sab Stories
Welcome Waggin 2
Grammys Corner
Tabby Littles Treehouse
Gender Female
Hometown Portland, Oregon
Country United States
Zipcode 97204
Birthdate 2002-06-02
Height Unknown
Weight 7 pounds
Favorite Activity Lounging on her cushion
Favorite Food Fancy Feast Appetizers
Favorite Treat Anything she can have with us
Favorite Toy Bird feathers
Embarassing Moments Thinking she lost the links to her relocated Dogster and Catster groups
My First Day Home Adopted from the Oregon Humane Society on Valentine's Day 2005.

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On Cool Lists: 18 Pats Received: 16
Votes this week: 2 Vote(s) Votes this month: 2 Vote(s)
Profile Views: 15337

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Bitu McClintock's Blogs

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Bitu McClintock's Comments
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Posted By: Bitu McClintock 2014/03/12 05:34:47 AM
Hi! Have we met? If not, then nice to meet you!

Posted By: BARBIE 2014/03/12 03:46:44 AM
Hello kitty.

Posted By: Bitu McClintock 2014/02/18 12:36:29 AM
It's still winter. My people hate being cold too. They envy my warm fur.

Posted By: Kelsee 2014/02/17 08:56:34 PM
Hi Bitu, yes..we are friends. you are in my friend box. It is cold again here today! So tired of being cold!

Posted By: Kelsee 2014/02/17 08:55:51 PM
Hi Bitu

Posted By: Bitu McClintock 2014/02/14 04:10:05 PM
Thanks, 3amigos. It's my adoption day too.

Posted By: 3amigos 2014/02/14 02:28:30 PM
Happy Valentines Day. Hope its PURRFECT!

Posted By: Kibbles 2014/02/14 02:14:47 PM
Hi Bitu and family. Just wanted to lets you no we started a new group. It's called Grammy's Corner. Come over to my page and click on the link for some fun!

Posted By: Bitu McClintock 2014/02/06 06:18:52 PM
You can each have your own page here. Then I could meet you individually.

Posted By: 3amigos 2014/02/06 04:21:23 PM
no we were on catspace. now sniffsnwags and here. This site lloks like it has a lot of kitties. happy for that

Posted By: Bitu McClintock 2014/02/05 07:02:34 PM
I'm glad to do it. Did you happen to belong to the 3 Amigos group on Catster or Dogster? I was just wondering.

Posted By: 3amigos 2014/02/05 05:57:57 PM
thanks for being our pal

Posted By: Bitu McClintock 2014/01/31 11:21:25 PM
Thanks! You might want to explain that in case somebody else wonders. I've not been friends with horses before.

Posted By: 2014/01/31 11:15:02 PM
appy means appaloosa wol had a brain fart couldnt rememberhow to spell

Posted By: 2014/01/31 11:14:13 PM
appy means appaloosa wol had a brain fart x

Posted By: Bitu McClintock 2014/01/30 11:29:41 PM
Thank her for me, will you? I'll bet you would have liked to catch and eat that bird!

Posted By: Angel Jesse 2014/01/30 11:24:56 PM
My sister Kelsee added you as a friend to her page, too.

Posted By: Angel Jesse 2014/01/30 11:21:09 PM
We finally saw our first bird today. He was sitting on the wire outside our window.

Posted By: Bitu McClintock 2014/01/29 05:27:27 PM
He helped. His person had adopted him from the Oregon Humane Society and wanted to show her support.

Posted By: 2014/01/29 02:14:23 PM
wow a horse did a fundraiser!!" well the indians called us dogs in their language there is no word for horse

Posted By: 2014/01/29 04:28:44 AM
hello friend

Posted By: Bitu McClintock 2014/01/28 03:34:52 PM
Hi! How goes it with you?

Posted By: bob 2014/01/28 02:11:33 PM
good morning

Posted By: Bitu McClintock 2014/01/27 11:25:41 PM
Sure! If I haven't sent a friend request you can send me one, but they do it individually here.

Posted By: Darius 2014/01/27 09:40:17 PM
Aah you are so pretty! We...that is Darius, Trey, Milo, Spencer, Murray & Dharma would *all* love to be your furriends!

Posted By: Bitu McClintock 2014/01/27 03:36:34 AM
You're welcome. I wanted to reply in the e-mail, but the system thinks I sent too many already today.

Posted By: Snickers 2014/01/27 03:34:23 AM
Hi Bitu, My sister and I thank you for the friend invite.

Posted By: Miss Mittens, my beloved angel 2014/01/25 08:13:36 PM
Thank you for accepting our friends invite! So happy to see you here too!

Posted By: Mayhem 2014/01/25 08:09:59 PM
Many, many thanks for the friend invite! ~>^..^<~ Murder and my mommy Mary

Posted By: Mayhem 2014/01/25 08:08:09 PM
Thank you so much for inviting me to be friends! >^..^< Mayhem and her mommy Mary

Posted By: Bitu McClintock 2014/01/25 03:25:58 AM
Did you see the pictures of my people, Tessa? Was that why you wrote to my e-mail box?

Posted By: 2014/01/25 02:12:05 AM
I can't remember who I'm writing too- it's not very clear. But hI!

Posted By: Bitu McClintock 2014/01/24 07:28:42 AM
I can't remember where we met, but I'm glad you accepted. I like your hat.

Posted By: Friday 2014/01/24 07:24:13 AM
Hi Bitu :) thanks for sending me the furiend request~we know each ofur from Catster, its kind of a sad scry time right now and sure is nice to see and be wif mai wonnerfur furiends :)

Posted By: Billy Budd 2014/01/23 07:42:57 PM
we too are Catster and Dogster Refugees

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