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My day at PetSmart

Friday Aug 17, 2007 09:42:00 PM

Today was one of the best days of my puppy life!!!! Mom left work early so she could do some school stuff and she took me with. Now mind you that normally means I stay in the car and then a 10 second walk around PetSmart. But not today! Mommy did the school stuff really fast and we got to PetSmart really fast. As we where getting some water this pretty Mastiff came around the corner. She was a puppy just like me but younger. She was tan with a black muzzle and almost as big as I am. Did I mention she was pretty? Her mom let me say hi to her! No one ever lets me say hi to the dogs in their pack! Her name is Katie. We got to play a little and then they had to go… Mom said we had to go to cause I needed new bedding for my den. As we where looking at the beds, all of which are WAY to small for me, Katie came around the corner. YEAH the pretty dog was back! Her mommy had brought a friend with her. I think they said they where sisters. Yeah I think that’s what they said… I was really to busy looking at Katie. We got to say hi again and this time she wasn’t as nervous around me. In fact she wanted to play more! We got to romping and playing!!! It was so nice to get to play with a dog that I didn’t have to be so careful with. In our big pack Abby is my best bud. I only get to see her once in a while. She’s a Miniature Dachshund and I have to play very lightly with her cause she’s so small. But not Katie! Katie and I were wrestling around and all the pack leaders were talking. We were having a BLAST!!! We got a little wore out so we laid down and every one said we looked so cute together. Mommy left her camera in the car and didn’t get a single picture of Katie for me. I’m sad. But they said maybe if we come there a lot we might run into them again. I wish mommy didn’t have to work so much. Well Katie if your out there I miss you and hope to see you again really soon! Chasel

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Posted By: Gabby 2008/07/18 04:22:52 PM
*Awww, I hope you get to see Katie again. Hi, i'm Gabby!! Nice to meet ya!!*

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