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Happy Dogs Daycare

Friday Dec 21, 2007 06:42:00 PM

This story happened a while back but I’m just getting to the computer to write about it. So here goes. My first day at doggie daycare was kinda scary. Mom checked the place out before I went and decided it would be a cool place for me to stay at while she took here test at school. When we walked in there was a little, little Chihuahua and mom wouldn’t let me go meet her. :( Then mommy asked the owner if she could walk me in to meet the other dogs. Jenn, the owner, said yeah. So mom walks me into this room with A LOT OF DOGS. Not just a few but a LOT of dogs. I froze. Then mom let go of the leash!! She just left me there with all of these strangers. And she kept walking!!! She walked into this other room and you better believe I fallowed. But these other dogs fallowed me! They kept sniffing me and sniffing me. When I started to sniff back I calmed down. I tried to get next to mom but she would have nothing to do with me. What I didn’t realize is that she was letting me work through this “tuff” time on my own. But anyways, as I started to get to know these new dogs one of them jumped on me! I know in the dog world what that meant and I got right down on the floor. Mom has always taught me to be calm-submissive and that means with EVERYBODY. Dogs, cats, people you name it I’m to be calm-submissive to it. The other dogs picked up on it to cause no more did Jenn get that dog off of me then another one jumped on me. This time I gave complete submission. I wasn’t taking any chances. I wasn’t going to cause a dog fight. When mom left I had a hard time figuring out why but Jenn started up some games and the rest of the time I got to be a dog with other dogs! It was the best! When mom came to pick me up she could see that I had made some new friends and was having a blast! I can’t wait to go back! ~Chasel P.S. Mommy was the proudest pack leader that day.

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